BarkBox Honest Review

If you own a service dog, the chances are you understand the maintenance that comes with such a friend is not always easy. This is especially for those who might have a busy lifestyle. Sometimes you would want to spend more time with your service dog in leisure and that does not always seem to be the case. Well, enter BarkBox. This is a company that sends you a box full of goodies meant for your dog. Below, we want to look at BarkBox in detail for you to learn more about the product and if you should get one for your dog.

What is BarkBox All About?

BarkBox is a subscription service that involves the company sending you a box full of dog supplies. The box will have toys, treats, and many other props for the pet to enjoy over the month. Each box that you receive from the company has a different story to tell. It comes down to the themes available and what you think is great for your pet.

It does not just have to be the themes already set up on the company website, as there is also an option to tailor the order to fit the dog’s needs. As the owner of the service dog, you are the one who understands him or her better.

It is best to check out BarkBox official website to learn more about their different themes and how you can configure to get a unique one.

Contents of a BarkBox

Before you can buy the package from BarkBox, you would want to know the contents first. This helps you determine if it is a good choice for your dog or not. Well, the box contains toys, treats, and chews.

The toys are crafted with the dog’s playing activity in mind. They are designed and crafted by top rated toy designers. The result is that you end up with a toy the pet will like. A lot goes into picking the texture, color, squeak, and shape of the toy. For this reason, the dog will end up with the best toy.

We all know that pets such as dogs love to have treats more often than we give them. Treats are meant to reward the dog for good behavior. When it comes to treats, the BarkBox also includes them in the package to make your dog happy. The recipes for treats are made with the aim of maximizing the dog’s happiness and health. In case the dog has allergies, talk to the company for special dietary changes to these treats.

Other than the treats and toys, the package also includes chews. The chews in the package are delicious and engaging. Even if you might be away for the whole day, then the dog might be engaged on its chews and toys. They are all American made to give you peace of mind that you are buying a high-quality package.

Types of Box Sizes Available

BarkBox wanted to be as versatile as possible. It is why you get up to three size options to choose from. This will now come down to the dog’s age, breed, and size. The small box is for the pups under 20 pounds. The medium box is ideal for pups weighing 20 to 49 pounds while the large box is for the pups weighing over 50 pounds.

The company is happy to make any custom orders depending on the dog size. This ensures that the dog gets the best number of toys, treats, and chews.

Who Needs a BarkBox Package?

Most of you might be wondering, who is best suited to get such a subscription? Well, if you own a service dog and you are always busy working together, then you would not mind getting your lovable friend some me time treats. It takes time to start shopping around for treats, toys, and chews. It is always good to get all of them at once place such as the use of BarkBox service.

When you are gone for hours during the day, a dog can easily get bored. It is why you would need such treats and toys to keep it engaged. Once you make a monthly or yearly subscription, you would end up creating a happy home for your pet.

BarkBox Costs You Should Know

So far, BarkBox is a top choice for many people that own dogs. They like it for its box contents and the costs too. Talking of costs, how much does it cost to get a single package? That is something many would want to know before making an order.

BarkBox works as a subscription service. If you choose to buy only when needed, then it will cost you $29 per month. However, most people would go for the 6-month plan. For this plan, you are looking to spend $25 per month. As you can see, you get to save a lot more when you make a long-term subscription.

If you want to ensure that your dog always has his treats, chews, and toys, then go for the 12-month subscription plan. This plan will cost you $22 per month. This should be great for most people who want to save on subscription fees while at the same time make it convenient to always have dog supplies.

The best part about BarkBox is that you can still use it to gift another person who might have a dog. The gifts are priced differently. 1 box will cost you $35 and it goes up to $249 for 12 boxes.

For those in the US, you will enjoy free shipping. Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii have to pay a shipping fee of $8.

  • BarkBox offers multiple subscription options
  • The packages are tailored to fit the dog size
  • If the dog has allergies, the company can handle special dietary needs
  • Ordering is easy
  • The shipping process is fast
  • The customer support is helpful with various questions
  • Being a subscription, if you forget to cancel it, you might be surprised when the next box arrives and maybe you no longer need it
  • Some feel the company could offer a lot more items in the packages


Should You Get BarkBox?

For a service that helps you get some of the important dog essentials, we find it being worth the money. The best part is that the cost is flexible. The more months you are subscribed, the less it costs you to have the packages delivered. Considering that BarkBox is also able to offer special dietary needs for dogs with allergies, then it will work great for many subscribers. If they can work on a few shortcomings, then the brand will keep on having more people subscribe to their packages.

BarkBox Honest Review

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